United States Visas for Singaporean Businesses, Entrepreneurs and Families

For a decade the law firm of Davies & Associates has been proud to serve businesses and individuals resident in Singapore.  Our physical presence in Singapore and across Asia, Europe and the United States gives us a unique understanding of our clients’ needs, our clients’ businesses, and the immigration process.

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US Visas for Singaporean

While our lawyers work with some of Singapore’s largest public companies, we also assist entrepreneurs of multiple nationalities establish their businesses in the United States.  The lawyers in our private clients team help advise families resident in Singapore on their immigration process.

Obtaining permission to work in the United States can be a complicated process and requires a working knowledge of the different visa options that are available. Our immigration lawyers advise businesses and individuals so they can navigate this process with optimal efficiency and minimal expense.

While our immigration lawyers have enjoyed a 100% success rate for the visas application we have submitted, prior performance should not be seen as an indication of future success.

The experienced business lawyers at Davies & Associates provides customized, tailored legal services and solutions for entrepreneurs and business owners. 

Whether you need advice and assistance related to incorporating a business; want to explore accounting solutions for your organization; or you need an experienced legal advocate in your corner to assist with M&A activity, you can rely on a Davies & Associates business attorney to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

We help clients from all over the world come to the United States and establish new businesses, acquire existing businesses and make investments in a manner that enables our clients to obtain an applicable visa. With our help, you can attain citizenship by investment and find your success here.

The EB5 visa offers US permanent residency in exchange for a minimum $800,000 investment in the United States. It is one of the fastest and most effective routes to a Green Card, which offers freedom to live, work, study or retire anywhere in America. The EB5 investment must be made in a new commercial enterprise, it must come from a clean source of funds, and it must create ten American jobs. Investors have the option to make their own investment under the Direct EB5 route or to invest through the Regional Center program. You will find a full guide to the EB5 program below.

Applicants for permanent residency based on their relationship to a US Citizen or Lawful Permanent Resident (green card holder) are divided into different categories. Which category you are placed into determines how long you will have to wait for a green card to become available for you.

Paolo DomingoPaolo Domingo
07:19 04 Jan 23
5 stars and a high five! Thank you Verdie and Etta for assisting us with our change of status application. They were very professional and accommodating with all our questions and concerns throughout the process. Despite the time constraint, we pulled it off and we could not have done this without you guys! Keep up the good work!
Jean ZhuJean Zhu
01:49 17 Dec 22
Alex call me and I had a very pleasant talk with him on the phone regarding E2 visa to USA. He is very nice to work with!
Amandeep SinghAmandeep Singh
11:59 10 Dec 22
I had talked with Alex Jovy, he was very quick to respond, had a lot of useful information which I was not aware of. Took time out of his day to discuss my situation and was very helpful. They go into a lot of detail which other companies do not. Overall a great service!
Eduardo SalvoEduardo Salvo
16:26 25 Nov 22
I received an world-class help in how to immigrate to the USA succesfully!Alex was very open to answer my questions and is definitely a professional in what he does!Strongly recommend this firm.
Birendra KumarBirendra Kumar
11:42 24 Nov 22
It was great to have a first meeting with Alex Jovy on Team and were glad to have fruitful discussion. Alex in-depth knowledge and I will highly recommend Alex for these services.
18:28 04 Oct 22
We were in a hurry and Verdie and the team were highly responsive and supportive, even when we threw in some curve balls along the way. We had our visas approved without any issues and felt confident and well prepared for document submissions and the interview. I'd certainly recommend this team for an E2 visa process.

About D&A

Davies & Associates in Singapore

In Singapore Davies & Associates are incorporated under the name Global Citizenship Services, Pte. Ltd.  (“GCS”).  This is in part because GCS hold our firm’s license to operate the Grenadian Citizenship by investment program.  A list of license holders is published by the Government of Grenada.

 As of January 2023, every visa application filed by our firm for a resident of Singapore has been approved. No exceptions


How Davies & Associates and GCS Can Help

Our track record speaks for itself.  Zero RFEs.  Zero Denials.  100% Approvals in Singapore.

We pride ourselves on being the US immigration firm of choice serving the Singapore market. Our client-centric mindset has positioned us well to advise and counsel clients, who have distinguished businesses across Asia and trust us to coordinate strategies across multiple jurisdictions. 


Options for Businesses in the United States

We assist business of all sizes establish themselves and grow in the US.  Our Singapore team often find themselves called on to assist Singaporean registered businesses. Our Singapore team also work with our lawyers in Vietnam, the Philippines, India, Taiwan, Italy, the UK, Grenada and the United States to assist businesses from across Southeast Asia.

While our corporate lawyers assist clients with forming and growing a business in the United States our immigration lawyers advise clients on the process of moving to the United States.


Fulfill Your Entrepreneurial Ambitions in the United States?

As a Singaporean investor you can qualify for a non-immigrant visa by making an investment in a US business.  Using an E-2 visa your family can then legally relocate to the United States.

For a higher investment you can use the EB5 program to either: (a) directly obtain US permanent residency (a “Green Card”); or (b) convert an E-2 or other non-immigrant visa to a Green Card.  EB1C provides an alternative mechanism for the owner of a non-US business to obtain a US immigrant visa.


Visa Options for Businesses in the United States

E1 Visa for Singaporeans

The E1 Visa for Treaty Traders.

EB5 Visa for Singaporeans

The EB5 Immigrant Visa for Investors

EB1C Visa for Singaporeans

The EB1C Visa for International Managers and Executives

L1 Visa for Singaporeans

The L1 Visa for Inter-company Transferees

E2 Visa Specialist for Singaporeans

The E2 Visa for Specialist Workers

H1B1 Visa for Singaporeans

The H1B1 Work Visa

Special Considerations for Singaporean US Visa Applicants

Singaporean nationals enjoy a number of special benefits when applying for US Visas. 

H-1B-1 Singapore Visa: Only Nationals of Singapore and Chile qualify for the H1-B1 visa.  As part of the Singapore-United States Free Trade Agreement, Singaporean nationals have special privileges in gaining eligibility to live and work in the United States with their spouses and children.

ESTA.  Hassle-Free Entry Without Needing a Visa: Journey through the States with Visa-Free Entry as a temporary visitor. You will not need to worry about the hassle of applying for a visa or waiting for approvals. NOTE: If your business or visa application is denied, you will not be eligible for Visa-Free Entry and the right use the ESTA program will be permanently terminated. Please consult us for professional advice on your application.

E-1 Visas and E-2 Visas:  Singaporean nationals are also eligible for the E-1 treaty trader and E-2 treaty investor visas.

Investment Visas: Another way to relocate to the States is through business investment, under an investment visa by helping to stimulate the growth of American businesses.


Things to Note on Visa Applications and Visa Free Entry

You could lose your ability to visit the United States visa free using the ESTA program if your application for a business or other visa is denied. In this scenario, you will then need to go through the process of applying for a B1 or B2 visitor visa to enter the States. Approvals of these applications may become challenged post visa denial in another category, and you could find yourself entirely unable to visit the States.  

Before you make a visa application, you should consider your circumstances and application very carefully. Get in touch with our team of associates, who will advise you so that you will understand how you should approach this issue.

Living Permanently in the United States

Residents of Singapore typically follow one of two paths to US Permanent Residency (a “Green Card”):

1. Directly applying for a Green Card

2. Moving to the United States on a non-immigrant visa and preparing for and filing a United States Green Card application over time.

Excluding family-based immigration applications options for obtaining a Green Card include:


Visa Options for Residents of Singapore

EB1A Visa for residents of Singapore

The EB1a Visa for extraordinary ability

EB1C Visa for residents of Singapore

The EB1C Visa for Multi-Nationals

EB2 for residents of Singapore

The EB2 Professionals and Advanced Degree Holders

EB3 Visa for residents of Singapore

The EB3 Visa for Skilled, Professional and other Workers.

US Immigrant Investor Visa for Singaporeans

EB5 Immigrant Investor Visa

The EB5 investor visa allows a successful applicant to reside permanently in the United States.   In return for making an investment of either USD 800,000 or USD 1,050,000 and investor and their family are granted Permanent Residency in the United States.

Applicants born in India and mainland China have special considerations and should discuss their potential case with the EB5 lawyers in our office.

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Our associates, who are US immigration lawyers hailing from New York and California, possess the necessary expertise to make strategic and well-considered recommendations for your immigration concerns. We can help with your plans to relocate to the United States and welcome queries and requests to meet face-to-face with advanced notice. Meetings can be hosted either in Singapore, or at one of our firm’s other locations globally.