Open a US Business in California

Opening a business in the United States for Singaporeans is a complicated process, with accounting procedures, M&A processes, and legal support requirements. With Davies & Associates, it doesn’t have to be.

How do I open a Business in the United States of America?

"When you establish a business in the United States, you must appoint a registered agent. This applies to both Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) and corporations. Your registered agent is the first point of contact if someone intends to take legal action against your business.

You need to prepare the required state filings, draft operating and shareholder agreements, and ensure corporate books, records, and other required documentation are complete and in place. Ultimately, this should help ensure your company remains in compliance with statutory requirements and reduce the risk of potential immigration issues related to the business. " ​

Areas of Business Set-up We Support

Choice of suitable legal and tax-efficient structure

For the United States, there are a couple of business structure options, such as Sole Proprietorship, or an LLC. However, each company structure has its pros and cons.

Preparing all necessary legal documents

After we decide on the business structure, the company name etc, the next step is to get all legal documents in order, such as the application of an Employer Identification Number.

Handling all business registration requirements on Federal and state levels

After choosing a business structure, you need to register with State agencies, and the requirements may vary. The minimum expectation is that you file with the state government, and pay required fees, but mileage may vary depending on what your business does.

Procuring licenses that you will need to operate your business

The business may need permits or licenses to operate legally. Davies & Associates Singapore takes care of identifying these business licenses.

Preparing for Patent Filings

For some businesses, the filing of patents to protect intellectual property or technology is important. Davies & Associates can walk you through this process.

Drafting Employment Agreements

After you get your Employer Identification Number, your next step would be to hire workers in the United States. To keep your company protected, Davies & Associates will be drafting employment agreements for potential workers to sign, so that the terms of work are clear. This helps avoid legal headaches.

Drafting Commercial Agreements

While your employment agreements sort out the base of operations between yourself and your employees, you also need a contract between yourself, customers or contractors.

Other matters

The list covered here is not exhaustive. There are many variations to the entity formation and business set-up, depending on what you do and what industries you play in. Davies & Associates does the research & advising based on what you do, and trust us to stay on top of the matter.

About Davies & Associates

Onsite Visit by a Dedicated Team of Professionals

No matter where you are, a D&A representative will visit your operations upon request. We are 100% committed to learning about your business operations, and we believe that the most effective way to understand our client’s business needs truly is to experience it for ourselves. We offer a powerful mix of legal professionals, corporate attorneys, global tax lawyers, visa specialists and client support services. At any given time, you may have four or five qualified experts addressing the particular needs of your case.

Turn-Key Solutions

For our clients who are expanding existing operations into a new marketplace, or investing in a new business enterprise, we know the value of having everything managed in one place. Our team of legal and business professionals is designed to provide full-service, turn-key solutions for all our clients.

Global Presence. Local Service.

Being international means having a local understanding of our client’s needs. With offices strategically located throughout the world, D&A provides global solutions on a truly local level. We understand that being successful in the international space means being willing and able to operate across time zones and communicate in multiple languages. Taking this approach has helped us cultivate trusted working relationships with other legal professionals and business partners across the globe.

Our Personnel in California​

Sandeep is the trainee operations manager overseeing the incorporation of our clients’ businesses in the United States. Sandeep has had extensive experience in the entrepreneurship space, with at least 5 years of experience each as a Managing Partner, and a Group Chief Executive Officer. He has had experience globally, with stints in Singapore, India and the United States of America.

He will be based in our Irvine, California office